Tutorial : transitions

ShinyDV clips are not only useful for motion graphic backgrounds, they can also be used as transitions to tie two clips together in interesting ways. All you need are two segments of video and a shinyDV clip and you are on your way.


step 1 - Get Your Clips  

Open your iMovie project and import your video segments and a shinyDV clip that you will use as your transition.

Today we will use Leonard Nimoy singing The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins and transition that into one of our favorites videos showing CEO of Microsoft Steve Balmer in his natural state.

You can select any motion graphics clip you want for the transition. Today we went all out and imported Pastel kaleida.

step 2 - Place First Clip  

Place the first clip in the timeline by clicking on it in the Clips Pane and dragging it down and releasing when the green plus sign magically appears under the mouse pointer. Edit the length of the clip by clicking and dragging the end of the clip in the timeline.