Tutorial : applying titles

ShinyDV motion graphics make excellent backgrounds for titles in your iMovie projects. For maximum shininess keep the following points in mind when creating your titles:

Simple backgrounds Your title will be more readable on top of a diffuse or blurred motion background. Some examples of good backgrounds would be moving sidewalk, orange cicle, aurora, and blue glow. Some less-readable backgrounds would be candy canes, pastel kaleida, and electric spicule (these backgrounds usually make better transitions, see your own mg's for ideas on making these more "readable").

Text Attributes Selecting correct text attributes will help your titles stand out from the background and make it more readable. Select a font that easy to read, especially avoid fonts with thin parts in the letters as these can cause flickering artifacts when on screen. Select a type color that has good contrast to the background colors. If the motion graphic was green, you would not want to pick green text or another color that may clash. Additionally, make sure the type is large enough to read when it is on screen.

Safe Areas Not all of the video that you see on the preview pane is actually not visible when you play it on a television. The edges of the image, about 10% of the total, is hidden behind the screen bezel to allow for differences between brands in how the image is projected on the CRT. Be sure to keep your titles away from very edge of your project so they will remain visible when playing it on TV.

The following tutorial will cover the basics of creating titles over motion graphic backgrounds and how to polish you video title with transitions to achieve a more aesthetic result.


step 1 - Drag Background  

Open your iMovie project and import a motion graphics background to use with video clips that you have already imported.

We'll use the motion graphics background for titling at the start of the movie project.

Click and Drag your background from the Clips Pane to the Timeline, when a plus sign appears under the pointer release the mouse button and the clip will appear in the timeline.

step 2 - Titles Pane : text attributes  

With the clip still selected in the timeline (make sure it is blue, if not click on it) change to the Title Pane by clicking the Title button at the bottom of the pane.

When creating a title I usually work from the bottom of the Titles pane and work my way up from there. If you don't like going backwards feel free to work in whatever order best suits your fancy.

Enter your title text in the boxes at the bottom of the Title Pane. If you only want one line in the title, leave the second box blank.

Next set the font, color and size with the controls above the text windows. We selected Trebuchet MS Bold (why they named a font after a medieval siege engine we will never understand) and left the text color white.

If your video will play on TV make sure the QT margins box is deselected (this will make sure unwanted clipping of your title does not occur at the edges of your television screen).