Tutorial : your own motion graphics


step 3 - Adjust Settings  

In order to get maximum smoothing, set the Trail slider to long, the Steps slider to small, and the Opacity slider to slider to opaque.

Observe your changes in the Preview window, if it looks right click the apply button to apply the effect to the clip in the timeline.

Before you can do anything else to the clip you have to wait for the effect to render which is indicated by the red bar at the bottom of the timeline clip.

After the render, play the clip. It should look more smeary. If you want it to look even more smooth, hit the apply button again, wait for the render, and repeat until the clip is as smooth as you want it (in our example we applied the Ghost Trails effect eight times).

If you like the clip the way it is go ahead and use it in your project or export it for future use. The next few steps show how further modifications can be done.

step 4 - Add Another Effect  

You can add another "dimension" to the motion in your clip by selecting the Mirror effect and adjusting the sliders until you like what you see. The Mirror effect basically add a mirror image of your clip to the other side of the screen. The adjustments we used are shown in the image on the right.

When things look right in the Preview window click the Apply button again (make sure that your clip is still selected in the timeline).

Now things are smooth and mirror-y!