Tutorial : your own motion graphics

As we have shown in the color changes tutorial, shinyDV clips can be used as building blocks for your own motion graphics. The basic idea is to import the shinyDV clips into iMovie and apply effects or speed changes willy-nilly (we have no idea what that means) until you find something you like. Then either use that clip in your iMovie project or export it to save it for future use. The possibilities are endless. Follow along in the tutorial for just one example of what can be done.



step 1 - Get Your Clip  

Open your iMovie project and import your shinyDV background that you want to change. For our example we chose Flying Fractals.

After importing drag the clip to the timeline.

step 2 - Apply First Effect  

With your clip selected in the timeline (it should be blue, if not click on it), change to the Effects Pane by selecting the Effects button in the button bar.

At this point you can essentially begin applying any effect that you wish. We will show some of our favorite iMovie effects for altering motion graphics.

Flying Fractals makes a great transition but is a bit busy for a title background. In order to use it for titling we needed to smooth it out, and the Ghost Trails effect is just the right one for the job.