Tutorial : importing clips

The importing clips tutorial is admittedly basic but also very essential. One of our more common FAQ's is how to get the clips into iMovie. So, without further adieu (without further good-bye? We are not sure what that means, but it is French so it must be fancy) here is how to get the clips in.

step 1 - Copy Files  

Performance while editing is dramatically improved when the clips are copied to the hard drive.

To start a copy, insert the shinyDV CD-ROM and double click its icon to open a new window. Click on the clips file and drag the file onto the Movies folder in the sidebar. Once the pointer changes to the plus sign release and the copy will initiate. (Clips can be copied to any area on your hard drive, the Movies folder is just one option)

step 2 - Import Files  

After the copy is complete, open your iMovie project by double clicking on your iMovie application icon.

Open the Import Clips dialog box by choosing File>Import from the iMovie menu (or if you really want to impress the ladies use the keystrokes shift-command-I).


step 3 - Select Files  

After releasing the File>Import menu a dialogue box will open.

Navigate to the hard drive location where you placed your clips and select the clips you want to import. Several clips can be selected at the same time by pressing the command button and clicking on the desired clips.

When you are done with the selections click on the Open button and the import will begin.


step 4 - Drag Files to Timeline  

When the import is complete the individual clips will appear in the Clips Pane along with any other footage you have already imported.

To use the clips, click on a clip in the Clips Pane and drag it to the timeline at the bottom of the screen. Once over the timeline a plus will appear below your pointer, release the clip and you are ready to start editing.