Tutorial : color changes

When you buy shinyDV motion graphics you are actually getting more clips than you originally purchased. You can use iMovie filters to change your clips and export the clip for use in your current project or to save for future use. Just think of the motion graphics as building blocks and the possibilities are endless. One of the easiest ways to change the appearance of the clips is to apply iMovie's Change Color filter. Check out the tutorial for an example of how to brighten up the Mellow Dellow clip.



step 1 - Get Your Clip  

Open your iMovie project and import your shinyDV background that you want to loop. For our example we chose Mellow Dellow.

After importing drag the clip to the timeline.

step 2 - Pick Effect  

With your clip selected in the timeline (it should be blue, if not go ahead and click on the clip in the timeline....now) change to the Effects Pane by clicking the effects button.

With the Effects Pane open select the Adjust Colors effect at the top of the list.

step 3 - Adjust Effect  

When the Adjust Color sliders appear, go ahead and slide things around until you find something you like.

The hue shift slider will change the colors of your clip. The improperly- named color slider adjusts the saturation of the clip which changes it from black and white on one end to ultra vivid on the other. The lightness slider tends to wash everything out at the right side and makes the clip more shadowy towards the left side.

In our example, we wanted something lighter so we could place a black text title over it. The final effect adjustments are shown on the right.

After you are done adjusting you can change your clip even more by adding other effects (see the motion graphics tutorial) or leave it as is and place your titles on top of it. If you like what you have done, you can also export the clip and save it for future use in another project.